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Oct 10, 2014

Jean-Paul Lespagnard and beads

Mr Lespagnard you sweaters are amazing! Food, animals and flowers made of beads applied in oversize sweaters with some embroidery details. Really fresh for next Summer.

Image source: Detailed photos of Jean-Paul Lespagnard Spring / Summer 2015

Oct 9, 2014

The Magic Mountain by Ana Locking

I have never heard about Ana Locking until I found out this collection... really surprised me. Fresh and bold! A mix of craziness and sanity inspired by the novel "The Magic Mountain", about finding convalescence in a sanatorium at Davos in the Swiss Alps.

Orthopedic shoes, snow flakes (crystals), gauze around the face or bandages around feet, fringes, sun glasses, shear dresses and tops... a collection about the magic of recovering from surgery in the Alps.

Image source: Ana Locking Spring / Summer 2015

Oct 5, 2014

Chanel SS2015 - Fighting for Fashion!

Make Fashion not War! 
This is the message Karl Lagerfeld sent us in his fashion show.

Pure street style - modern active women in the very image of Gabrielle Chanel, a blend between feminine and masculine. Elegance in a comfortable style and vibrant colors (orange, pink, purple, blue, green), double-breasted blazers, boxy jackets, cuffed wide-leg trousers and flat boots. The bold prints with flowers and watercolor were incorporated in blouses, necties and scarves, boots and loafers.

And what's street style without a protest? The banners shouted “Tweed is better than tweet”, “Be your own stylist”, “Make fashion not war”, “Free freedom”, and “Ladies first”, "What do we want! When do we want it?"