Best foundation and bronzer - Bourjois

Hi guys,

Do you also have those moments when all you want is to save money but no matter what you do that's never gonna happen? Well I have those moments all the time. Even thought sometimes luck has pity of me and gives me the benefit of doubt.

I have recently found out the cheapest best foundation and bronzer in the world. My skin is a very complicated thing... Just loves the most expensive brands and smoothest moisturizers. Chanel and Esther Lauder are its favourites, no doubt! However my pocket can't stand it all the time so sometimes I need to try other brands... Results can be really disastrous. Last time I tried a foundation from Maybeline and my skin started to peel off. Great! Even the bronzer from The Body Shop, the oven baked one, gave me a strange allergy.

I was about to give up and get back to the expensive brands when I received a newsletter from Super Drugs advertising a discount on a brand called Bourjois - apologies for my lack of knowledge in beauty brands but I am not a beauty blogger. Basically was a Buy 3 for 2 offer so I've decided to buy a bronzer, a foundation and a nail polish. My feedback? Amazing!

First the foundation - Nude Sensation - is very very good and the best thing about it is that my face doesn't look like a cake I apply it. My skin doesn't dry and it looks so unbelievably natural. The Maxi Delight Bronzer is just amazing! So smooth and natural, gives an amazing glow to my cheek bones. The nail polish is obviously my favourite, I love that colour and lasts for up to 5 days.

I am so pleased I bought these beauty products from Bourjois. I am a big fan, no doubt!

With love,
Rute Pinto

Vogue Festival 2015

Hi folks,

It's been a long time since I last wrote on the blog. I am the worst blogger in the planet... I would like to be so much more focused and organized with my posts. Really! I have around 20 drafts that I still need to finish, I went to London Fashion Week in February and I have these amazing pictures to show you and I still didn't have time to edit them and share.

Vogue Festival 2015 was amazing! It was the first time I went and I just loved it. The fun atmosphere, the talks, the initiatives, the fact that I was seeing my heroes for the first time and learning from them.

Jean Paul Gaultier's talk was my favourite. I am such a big fan of this man. His vision is like no other and his humor is so smart and unpredictable. He's hilarious, authentic and human! I just love the way he sees woman in his life and makes them the muses of his work. He talked a lot about his experience when he first started in the fashion world, how hard it was and that he was no good playing football, that part was quite hilarious.

This weekend's style... Hello Spring!

Spring is here! I just love this season... Can't wait to get back to the 70s and have a little glimpse of the flower power era!
Meanwhile for this weekend, let's keep it simple with some pastel colours... trench coats are my favourites!

Marine Van Outryve by Hicham Riad for Marie-Claire Belgium March '15

Photography by Hicham Riad @
Stylist: Christine Van Laer
Hair & Makeup: Inge Devos

Best dressed at the Oscars 2015

The trends at the Oscars Gala 2015. Undoubtedly the pales and nudes were the winning colour.
Pale tones for the win!

And Valentine's Day is just around the corner

Valentine's Day is coming and my head has finally started to think about the best present. At the moment I have no idea. Thank God I have been receiving lots of ideas by email!
So here's some ideas for presents:

For Her